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2020 MD Legislation

MDCC Priorities for 2020 General Assembly Session:


The Climate Solutions Act - Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act (GGRA) Reform 

HB1425/SB0926 Fiscal/Policy Note Social Media Kit

 3/1 E&T/ECM    2/19 EHEA & Budget

  • Brings our greenhouse gas reduction targets in line with leading global science by increasing the 2030 reduction target from 40% to 60% relative to 2011 and establishing a 2045 target for net zero emissions.

  • Requires that 40% of state resources dedicated to emissions reduction be spent in frontline and disadvantaged communities, and establishes labor protections.

  • Requires that the plan follow established science in specific areas (for instance, what qualifies for emissions reductions in areas like transportation).



Environment - Building Energy Performance Standards and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets (Clean Buildings Jobs Act of 2020)

  3/4   E&T/ECM

Retrofits of Existing Buildings and New Building Standards

  • Addresses the 25% of Md. greenhouse gas pollution produced by emissions from heating and cooling of buildings by establishing energy efficiency standards for existing buildings when they undergo renovation or retrofit and targeting complete fossil fuel elimination in buildings by 2050 at the latest.

HB1295 - School Clean Energy 
HB192 - Department of General Services - Energy Conserving Standards (Maryland Sustainable Building Act of 2020) 


HB0368/SB0424 - Transit Safety and Investment Act  Fact Sheet  Action Alert
HB0111/SB0734 - Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment for MultiFamily Units Act 
HB1223 - Clean Cars Act of 2020 
HB0432/SB0423 - Electric Bus Transition Act 
HB1233 - State Vehicle Fleet - Conversion to Zero-Emission Electric Vehicles 
HB1526 - Transportation Carbon Reduction Fund – Establishment (Transportation Carbon Fund Act) 
HB1451 - School Bus Purchasing – Zero–Emission Vehicle – Requirement 


HB0098/SB0168 - Electricity - Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard - Qualifying Biomass 

HB438/SB560 RPS Clean-Up

Remove Incineration   CWA Page

Fiscal/Policy Note HouseVideo SenateVideo

2/20 ECM  /  2/25 Finance


  • Complements the gains made under the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2019 by removing incentives to two of the most polluting combustible electricity sources still included in Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard: black liquor and municipal waste incineration.

  • Incinerator ash not counting as recycling: 

    • HB179. Public hearing in Environment and Transportation. 

2/11 E&T

Just and Equitable Transition Off of Coal

 HB1545/ SB887  Electric Generation - Transition From Fossil Fuels - Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rate and Transition Account Beyond Coal Campaign Fact Sheet Action Alert

  3/5  ECM -  2/25 Finance/EHEA

  • Eliminates climate, air, and water pollution from our state’s 6 coal-fired plants by establishing phase-out dates for all plants by 2025. The coal plants are the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Maryland, behind only gasoline-powered vehicles. 

  • Protects communities and workers affected by this transition to a new economy by creating a “Coal Community Transition Fund.” 

Public Service Commission Climate-Based Decision-making

HB531/SB656 Fiscal/Policy Note

2/27 ECM/E&T Video   - 2/25 Finance Video CCAN Webpage

  • Requires the PSC to factor climate change into all its electric sector regulation, including the approval of new generating plants.

Community Choice Energy (CCE)  Lily Hawkins - 

HB561/SB315 Fiscal/Policy Note HouseVideo

 2/13 ECM,   2/25 Finance

Signon letter    Google Group

  • Permits counties, municipalities, and communities to get lower cost electricity for residents, including from clean renewable sources, by “aggregating” the combined demand of their residents through contracts, while allowing any resident to “opt out” if they choose. 


HB589 Composting 2/19 E&T


HB0687/SB0597 - Agriculture - Cost Sharing Program - Fixed Natural Filter Practices HB0395 - Maryland Strategic Energy Investment Fund - Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative - Use of Proceeds For Maryland Healthy Soils Program HB1176 - Maryland Healthy Soils Grant Program

HB209/SB313  Plastics and Packaging Reduction Act  

HB1424 Public-Private Partnerships - Process and Oversight 
Tightens controls on the “public-private partnership” funding mechanism Governor Hogan is relying upon to expand the Capital Beltway and I-270.   Fact Sheet   Action Alert

HB1465/ SB0955    Federal Clean Water Act - Authority of State
Hearing E&T  Hearing 3/04   EHEA 3/11
Prohibiting the State from entering into an agreement that waives the State's authority under § 401 of the federal Clean Water Act as part of exercising the State's authority and carrying out the State's duties under the federal Clean Water Act and State law, including the State's authority and duties related to the federal relicensing of the Conowingo Dam.

HB539/SB0457  Local Governments - Resilience Authorities - Authorization 
2/18/20 E&T,  2/19/20 EHEA  Sign on Testimony House Sponsor Del Watson   Fiscal Note 


SB265/HB363 OPPOSE Hogan's CARES Bill - Clean and Renewable Energy Standard  
Hearings  FIN  2/11  at 26 min 30 sec. - & ECM 2/28
SB0890/HB1349 OPPOSE CARES "Light" - Clean Energy Attribute Credits and Procurement