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2021 General Assembly bills

Maryland climate bills 2021

Note: Some bills have passed both Houses and need reconciliation before going to the Governor's Desk. Some bills have passed one House and need a hearing & vote, or just a vote in the opposite chamber

2021 Legislature ends midnight Monday April 12



SB0414 (HB0583) Climate Solutions NOW : introduced by Sen Pinsky

SB414 Passed Senate on March 12. Passed House with Substantial Amendments a month later - FAILED

4/20/21  House-Senate Divisions Killed Climate Bill But It Should Have a Second Life in 2022   

Sen. Pinsky / Del. Stein

Senate - EHEA - Budget & Taxation

House - Environment and Transportation Committee; Economic Matters 

1 page Fact Sheet

General Two Page Fact Sheet On Climate Solutions Now

Fact Sheet on the Difference Between this Year and Last Year

Social Media Tool Kit from CCAN    MD Matters 1-28-21   Video

Bill McKibben 2 min video on Passing Climate Solutions Now

Action Items:

Transit Safety & Investment Act  - SB199/HB114  PASSED both Houses - To the Governor

Sen. McCray and ZuckerDelegates Lierman

Senate - Budget and Taxation

House - Appropriations

Fact Sheet

Sierra Club Petition and SC action alert petition

Focus on Asking Senators to Pass with Full 6 Years of Funding

Passed by House Appropriations Committee, to House Floor for vote 3-12-21


Utility Regulation - Consideration of Climate and Labor - SB83/HB298

PASSED - ON Gov. Hogan desk

Sen Kramer/ Del. Charkoudian

CCAN group for this bill - Contact

 Groups sign on here

Fact Sheet - Take Action -- PASSED THE SENATE then PASSED THE HOUSE 3--12-21

Related bill:

HB 30  Public Utilities – Office of Climate Counsel – Establishment (Climate Counsel Act)


Delegate Korman Economic Matters

H.B. 768  Community Choice Energy - a  MoCo Delegation Bill. HoCoCA supports because if MoCo implements, CCE could become a HoCo option

Del Charkoudian    Google group  CCEforMD   Fri noon  Contact Lily -

Organizational Sign-on - Individual Sign-on

PASSED - To the Governor 

HB 613 : Prince George’s County Local Delegation Bill – Coal– and Gas–Fired Generating Stations – Prohibitions (Prince George’s County Stop Environmentally Unjust Coal and Gas Plants Act of 2021)  PG

410–21  Del Ivey -   No new coal or gas plants in Prince Goerge’s only.    Voted Down in committee - Failed

Economic Matters Hearing 2/25 at 1:30 p.m


Maryland Energy Administration Study on Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems and Geothermal Energy Workgroup  HB40 - incorporated into larger bill HB1007/SB810 - Passed 

Del. Charkoudian

Economic Matters:  Hearing 1/26 at 1:30 p.m.

HB1007/SB810  Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard and Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems   Incentives for  Geothermal  RPS tier 1

PASSED THE HOUSE - HB1007 passed the Senate with Amendment - needs House concurrence

Sponsors Del Charkoudian and Sen. Feldman

House Economic Matters Hearing 2/25 at 1:30 p.m.

Senate Finance Hearing 3/09 at 1:00 p.m.

Sierra Club supports 10 Zero Waste bills including these:

HB 36   Extended Producer Responsibility FAILED THIS YEAR

Del Lierman; hearing 2/09 at 1:30 p.m E&T

Plastic Bag  Reduction Act SB223/HB314 PASSED the House, Pending in the Senate

Sen. Augustine/Del. Lierman

Senate:  Finance - Hearing 1/28 1 p.m.

House: Environment and Transportation Hearing 1/28 1:30 pm 

Environment – Recycling – Prohibition on the Chemical Conversion of Plastic  HB21   Del. Love  FAILED

House Environment & Transportation Hearing  1/29 at 11 a.m.

Environment - Single-Use Plastics - Restrictions HB69 FAILED

Del. Love   Hearing E&T   2/17 

HB0391/SB0065  Balloon Bill -    Passed  and to the Governor

SB412     Consumer Protection - Right to Repair; hearing 2/3 (unfavorable committee report; will try next year)


ENERGY - Stop RPS $$ Credits for Dirty Energy

HB0332   Renewable Energy Portfolio (RPS) Standard - Eligible Sources

UNFAVORABLE REPORT IN House Economic Matters Committee FAILED

  No renewable energy subsidies for burning trash! OpEd 2-23 Maryland Matters

Del  Ivey - House Economic Matters; hearing 2/04 at 1:30 p.m.

Action Alert here.      Town Hall Sunday 7 p.m. RSVP here.

SB0065/HB0875 - Electricity -RPS- Qualifying Biomass - No renewable energy subsidies for black liquor (dirty byproduct of paper industry) - PASSED SENATE and HOUSE - Back in Senate for Review

   Article on Floor vote

Speaker Jones Facebook Post  1/29: Today, Chairman Davis introduced HB875 to remove black liquor from MD's Renewable Portfolio Standard. I look forward to voting for this bill on the house floor. Climate change is an existential threat and Dereck’s bill is our first step this session to address it. #Working4MD

HB379/SB0462 Public Utilities – Low–Income Housing – Energy Performance Targets   FAILED

Del Charkoudian ; House hearing 2/04 at 1:30 p.m., Economic Matters 

Senate Finance hearing 2/16 at 1 p.m.


Southern Maryland Rapid Transit Project – Funding  SB81/HB414


Del. Davis  Appropriations 1/19   Senate Budget &Taxation 1/26

Maryland Transit Administration – Conversion to Zero–Emission Buses (Zero–Emission Bus Transition Act) SB137/HB334 Passed the Senate -- 4-10-21 SB137 approved by House E&T - goes to Appropriations

FACT Sheet - Take Action

Clean Cars Act of 2021  HB44 Del. Frasier-Hidalgo-  E& T 

Passed the House and Senate. Back in House for Review

I-495 and I-270 Public-Private Partnership - Partnership Agreement - Requirements (Maryland Department of Transportation Promises Act of 2021)  HB67   Del. Kornan

Passed the House. Pending in the Senate



Environment and Natural Resources – Complaints, Inspections, and Enforcement – Information Maintenance and Reporting    SB324/HB0204 Sen. Elfreth   PASSED HOUSE AND SENATE - To the Governor

Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Hearing 1/21 -   E&T 1/27

HB111/ Environmental Justice - At-Risk Communities and Environmental Permits - Requirements    Del. Love  FAILED

SB121/HB51  Zoning - Environmental Justice Considerations,  re zoning for incinerators 

PASSED THE SENATE - did not get out of House committee - E&T

Senate hearing 1/21 at 11 a.m.

House hearing 1/20 at 1:30 p.m in E&T

Urban Ag Grant program HB0269  Del. Wells - Passed the House - close to passing the Senate

Hearing Environment & Transportation 1/15 - 11 a.m.

MD Stadium Authority applicability of prevailing wage HB0020  Del. Melissa Wells    -  FAILED

HB 269   Department of Agriculture - Urban Agriculture Grant Program

In the House - E&T  Hearing 1/15 at 11 a.m. -

SB0674/HB1207 Environment - Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities - Reform Senator Elfreth Senate hearing EHEA 2/24 House Hearing E&T 2/26

PASSED the Senate and Passed the House HB1207 to the Governor


Constitutional Amendment - Environmental Rights  - SB151/HB82 - Bill FAILED

Sen. Patterson/ Delegates W. Fisher, Barron, and Stewart

Senate: Judicial Proceedings - hearing 1/26 at 1 p.m. 

   Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs

House: Environment and Transportation - hearing 1/20 at 1:30 p.m.  

Meeting notes 1-18-21

Climate Crisis and Education Act SB76/HB33 - (type of carbon tax bill) from Sen. Kramer/Del. Frasier-Hidalgo

UNFAVORABLE COMMITTEE REPORT  Will try again next year.  

 HB0196 Environment – Oil and Natural Gas Produced by Hydraulic Fracturing – Prohibition on Exportation  E&T   BILL WITHDRAWN


The Transportation Carbon Fund Act - talked about but NOT submitted  this year

Transportation Carbon Fund bill update from Lindsey Mendelson  1/11/21 to

  • Brooke Harper, Len Lucchi,  Brian O'Malley, Kamita Gray, Samuel Jordan, Elizabeth Bunn, Caro Achar, and Ramon Palenica-Calvo and Lindsey had a discussion about whether it would be strategic to have the TCI bill introduced this session, given that Governor Hogan decided not to sign onto the MOU. Multiple people on the call were concerned about the bill deterring Governor Hogan from signing onto the MOU in the future, not making sense timing wise since Maryland is not yet on the MOU 

  • Elizabeth will use this time to do community building and education w over the next year on TCI

Other environmental protection bills:

PFAS Protection Act - SB 195/HB22 - Not Moving

Sen. Elfreth / Del. Love - Senate EHEA - Hearing 1/28 at 11 a.m. 

Email to become a member and add your voice to the fight for climate justice.

CJW List of Environmental Bills 4-5-21

MD League of Conservation Voters Legislative Priorities

MD League of Conservation Voters Weekly Hotlist 

Maryland Sunrise Hub supported Legislation here.

HoCo Indivisible Enviro Mgts - bi-weekly Mondays at 6:30  starting Jan 3 Contact Richard - 

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