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MD-DC Area Events

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Weekly Sundays 2 pm - Sunrise Movement Howard County Hub - info email

Sunrise Movement Howard County  list of upcoming events:  here

Monthly for 4 months  - Tues & Thurs, 7-8:30 pm - Webinar Series on the A-Z Impacts of Plastic  

May 19 - 21st - Health Impacts of Plastics -

June 16th - 18th - Economics -

July 21st - 23rd - Environment

August 18th - 20st - Climate

Will the Ohio River valley become a toxic sacrifice zone instead of source of water for people, farms, and wildlife?  Find out about the proposed Shell ethane cracker plant, which would make brand new raw plastic from fracking. The production of plastic – from underground gas pocket through the wellhead, pipelines, refineries, shipping/logistics to your trash-- has impacts that affect our health, economy, environment and climate. In this series you can join a discussion of leaders working toward solutions and actions we can take together.  Info and signup:

Every other Wed,  3:30-4:30, until Aug. 26.  Sara Via's  six climate and sustainability webinars this summer.  June 17 iwas on Healthy soil   See all dates & topics on flyer here.   If you have questions, email:

Register here . 

        Jul 1   Regenerative gardening: Successful and sustainable climate victory gardens

        Jul 15  2020 Regenerative landscaping

        Jul 29  What can the pandemic teach us about being (un)prepared for climate change and other global disasters?

        Aug 12  The power of individual choice: what can individuals do to combat climate change and how much difference will it make?

        Aug 26   Climate change is bad for your health

Tues, July 7, 6 pm, Plan to attend the MDE Virtual Wetland and Waterways Permit Hearing for the Del-Mar Pipeline.  Register here This hearing is a key opportunity to raise your concerns about the environmental impacts of the proposed Del-Mar Pipeline, a real, tangible way for you to voice your concerns directly to the administration.  For background watch the YouTube video of the Virtual Town Hall: Stop the Eastern Shore Pipeline Project with speakers from CCAN, the Sierra Club Maryland Chapter and Wicomico Environmental Trust on the dangers of the proposed Eastern Shore pipeline project.  Learn more at:   And check out the comprehensive resource document here:  "ES Pipelines: Del-Mar Energy Pathway Project & Chesapeake Utilities Project"  Come and testify online if you can & support others online opposing the pipeline. See also the June 30 press release re the Board of Public Works (BPW) consideration of this project here and BPW sign on letter here. Written comments on the Wetland and Waterways Permit are due by July 27 to:

Wed. July 15, noon,  Building a "Climate Bill Package" & U.S. House's "Climate Crisis Action Plan" Webinar by ClimateCrisispolicy org.  Good News!  Democratic members of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis unveiled a comprehensive plan titled Solving the Climate Crisis: The Congressional Action Plan for a Clean Energy Economy and a Healthy, Resilient, and Just America.  This webinar will highlight this report and the  new Climate Crisis Action Plan.    The is a follow on to the July 1 webinar (now on YouTube) "Urgent Federal Climate Bills & Strategy" which 600 registered for.  People are clearly ready to work together on national legislation.  Join in to hear Next Steps for a Climate BIll Package and how local groups can help.   #SolvingTheClimateCrisis