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coming Events

Wednesdays Series - Aug 17, 24, 31 at 10 AM - How to lower and get help paying your utility bills: A 4-part series, weekly on Wednesdays by the Office of the People's Counsel - Register here Flier here

Aug 10 @ 10AM - Keep your lights on! How to lower and get help paying your gas and electric bill. Free weatherization and programs that provide money towards your utility bill.

Aug 17 @ 10AM- Little known discount programs for your phone and internet services.

Aug 24 @ 10AM- Are you paying too much for your gas and electricity? How to read your BGE bill and find out if you have a retail supplier

Aug 31 @ 10AM- Programs to help pay for your water bill

Monday, Aug 15, 3 pm - The IRA's Impact on Climate: A Town Hall Discussion with Al Gore. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the biggest and boldest climate and environmental justice bill in US history and marks a turning point in our fight to stop global warming. It's a bill that will transform the everyday lives of millions, accelerating a just transition to clean energy, cutting energy bills for working families, and creating an estimated 1.5 million jobs. But for all the real good the bill will do, it also has real flaws, with painful concessions made to enable fossil fuel interests to expand oil and gas drilling on public lands, build pipelines communities have fought for years to block, and more. Worst of all, these measures will hit poor families and Black, brown, and Indigenous communities across America hardest of all. To understand what the IRA means for you and our climate fight, join us for a live town hall. Together, we'll explore how the IRA will can transform the US and help stop rising temperatures and learn what the climate movement must do now to fight the harmful measures in the bill and ensure a healthy future of opportunity for all. Not just the white and wealthy. Register here.

POSTPONED - Tuesday, August 16, 10-noon - MCCC Mitigation Working Group - Link - Google Meet.​ susan.casey1@maryland.gov just emailed: We need to postpone the MWG meeting tomorrow and are working on a new date and time. Thanks for your patience!

  • Preliminary findings from the GGRA Manufacturing Study

  • Further improving mass transit to achieve additional GHG reductions (pending)

  • Discussion on the MWG's draft recommendations for 2022 (pending)

Tuesday, Aug 16, 5-6 p.m. Chat On MD Impact Of New Federal Climate Bill - Invite to a webinar that FWW hosts on how we think the new federal climate bill (that’s part of larger package) will impact Maryland’s renewables program. Please RSVP here: https://mobilize.us/s/VAu8cd With Jorge Aguilar, Southern Region Director, Food & Water Action and Food & Water Watch Action Fund

Wednesday, August 17, 4-5:30 pm - We Need an Epidemic of Climate Action. One of a series of webinars on selected Wednesdays, June 15 to Sept 7 - Climate and Sustainability webinars from Dr. Sara Via - See event series info below - Details and registration. Link to recorded videos are sent to registrants.

Thursday, August 18, 7 pm - Webinar - Electrify Everything To Save The Planet, Your Money & Your Health - First of a series of 3 related events. Speakers for this zoom include Doug Siglin and Monica O’Connor of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Flyer here.

We can work together to:

  • stop burning fossil fuels in homes/buildings

  • educate ourselves and our community

  • build a movement for healthy living spaces

  • find out about methane monitoring locally

Join us for the 8-18 zoom. Register at https://bit.ly/electrify-8-18

And join us again for an outdoors Environment Family Fun night Saturday August 27 6:30 pm Flyer here.

Location: The Meeting House in Oakland Mills (OMI) 5885 Robert Oliver Place, Columbia.

Registration: https://bit.ly/OMI-8-27. An Entertaining Evening of Environmental Education to learn about the benefits of electrifying our homes and other buildings. Panel of speakers, informational booths, movies and popcorn for kids and more.

And again for a follow up optional zoom Wednesday Sept 7 - registration at: https://bit.ly/electrify-9-7

Sponsors for all 3 events: OMI Event host the OMI Green Team, in cooperation with HoCo Climate Action, the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake, Interfaith Power and Light and more. Info: OMI Green Team and HoCoClimateAction@gmail.com

Wednesday, Sept 14, 1:00-2:30 pm ET - Electrify Everything at Home! Chat ‘n Act by Elders for Regenerative Living - Thinking of reducing your fossil fuel footprint but don't know how to start? Elders for Regenerative Living's Chat 'n Act sessions will provide action confidence and the up-to-date information needed to completely electrify your home, business, and personal vehicles. Using "natural" gas in our home appliances and other fossil fuels for transportation is damaging to our personal health as well as the environment. This session will present the personal changes you can make right now. Speaker: Robert Whitehair, with 50 years' experience in the building trades, and who has electrified his own home. Includes a video and small group discussion about planning for action. Participants will receive reading material and resources in preparation for each of the sessions. Optional donation. Register here.

Wednesday, Sept 14, 7:30 pm - Fossil Fuel Powered Leaf Blowers Must Go! - Zoom by The Montgomery County Climate Mobilization. Joining the zoom will be James Fallows, a longtime writer for The Atlantic magazine and other publications, who worked with Quiet Clean DC to support the DC fossil fuel powered leaf blower prohibition which went into effect this year. Providing details on the MoCo bill will be Jason Mathias, the Policy and Legislative Manager for the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, who led the writing of the Fossil Fuel Powered Leaf Blower Phase Out Bill 18-22, introduced to Council in June, 2022. https://www.facebook.com/TCMMoCo/

Wednesday, Oct 12, 1:00-2:30 pm ET Electrify Everything Locally! Chat ‘n Act by Elders for Regenerative Living This session is about working within your own community, as well as your building departments to bring about change. There will be a conversation with Diane Bailey of the Campaign for Fossil Free Buildings Silicon Valley about actions that have worked in the San Francisco Bay Area and that will work anywhere. Interactive discussion and action planning. Participants will receive reading material and resources in preparation for each of the sessions. Optional donation. Register here.

Event series

2022 Climate and Sustainability webinars

Climate Solutions: How We Create a Better Future

5 Sessions: Wednesdays, June 15 - Sept. 7

4 - 5:30 p.m. via zoom

Details and registration

Dr. Sara Via, professor and climate extension specialist at UMD College Park, is leading a free webinar series on climate change and sustainability. Topics planned are:

  • June 15: Visualize a Better World & handout with the slides

  • July 6: The Economics of Climate Change: Cheaper to Fix than Ignore

  • July 27: Indigenous Views of Nature and Rebuilding Biodiversity: Back to the Future

  • Aug. 17: We Need an Epidemic of Climate Action

  • Sept. 7: Let’s Talk About Climate Change: Motivate Everyone You Know To Be Part of the Solution