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Tuesday, March 14, 6-7:30 pm -  IRA Roadshow webinar. This free, educational session will help connect individuals,  organizations and municipalities to the landmark investments in clean energy, energy efficiency and community development initiatives. Learn from experts about how to put these investments to use in your homes or community, delving  into the most relevant information so you can start benefiting from the IRA now.  Register here.  SPEAKERS:

Quentin Scott, Federal Policy Director,  Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Dan Taylor, Appalachian Regional Field Organizer, Blue Green Alliance 

Leah Barbor, West Virginia State Director, Solar United Neighbors

Holly Bradley, West Virginia Director/Federal Team, CCAN

Wednesday, March 15, 9 AM - Offshore Wind Rally in Lawyers Mall in Annapolis to demonstrate that there is broad grassroots support in Maryland for building more offshore wind energy capacity.  Sign up here.

Thursday, March 16, 1-3pm - MCCC Mitigation Working Group

save the date. Call-in link via Google Meeting.  Join by phone  +1 262-346-4137  PIN: 275377525    Agenda includes:

Wednesday, March 22, 1:30-2 pm - Buildings Hub Live: Public Health and Electrification.   Atlas Public Policy sits down with Brady Seals, Manager of the Carbon-Free Buildings Program at RMI, and Ruth Ann Norton, President and Chief Executive Officer at the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative in Baltimore MD, to discuss the critical intersection of public health and building sector electrification. What are the short- and long-term health impacts of gas stoves and other building-related fossil fuel infrastructure? How are other environmental hazards, like mold, lead, or poor ventilation, related to building decarbonization? What are the positive health benefits of electrifying your home or office? Tune in to find out! Register here

Wednesday, March 22, 7-8 pm,  Solar Coop Buy Info - The Columbia Association has partnered with Civic Works’ Energy Programs, a non-profit community resource, to make it easy and affordable for residents to go solar and improve the energy efficiency of their homes.   Go solar and secure your solar coop discounted rate!  A typical project saves around 20% off general market-rate costs of a solar system.   Federal tax credits cut the costs of solar by 26% in the first year State incentives cut the costs of solar by at least $1000 more! Register here.