Solar Power


Go Solar - No Roof Required

Anybody who pays an electric bill can subscribe to a local solar project, helping to build stronger communities and fight climate change and save money. Community solar offers the benefit of solar to those who can’t or don't want to install solar panels on their homes, including renters, apartment/condo dwellers. If you join a community solar project, you receive a credit on your electric bill each month for the energy produced by your share.

We’ve partnered with Neighborhood Sun (use this link to sign up) to provide a way to go solar without installing panels and without upfront fees. See how community solar works by watching this video and clicking HERE.

If you sign up through our LINK, HoCo Climate Action will receive a $100 contribution in your name.

Maryland electricity customers are guaranteed to save at least 5% and many can save even more.

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For more information and a list of community solar projects available throughout Maryland,
visit United Solar Neighbors.

To learn more, visit

To reserve your spot, visit

Solar Co-op Buying Program

Nonprofits Civic Works and Solar United Neighbors of Maryland both offer Solar Co-op Buying programs for those that wish to take advantage of group bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing on a solar system and receive quality installation.

Both organizations will help interested homeowners learn the basics of residential solar power, the installation process, financial considerations, and how to receive a discount off the market price of a solar system through a Solar Co-op Buying Program.

Civic Works