Wind Power

Switch to 100% clean, renewable wind power for your home

Why wind?

Taking 5 minutes to switch to wind reduces your household carbon footprint by about 25%.

Switching your home or apartment to wind has the carbon impact of planting 177 trees. If 1,500 people switch to wind power together, that’s like taking 2,250 cars off the road.

Your money matters! Instead of paying a coal plant to produce pollution and asthma, the money you pay for electricity will go to a wind farm and will help create a better, pollution-free future. Depending on the supplier or plan you choose, these wind farms may not be located in our regional area.

  • You have the power to choose your electricity supplier.

  • You still receive the same utility electricity bill and service.

  • Your utility (BGE/PEPCO) still remains your provider

  • No change in billing & payments

  • Nothing to install

  • You will only be changing electricity supplier

The Maryland Office of People’s Counsel provides
an electricity retail price comparison

A complete list of energy suppliers can be found on BGE's website here.

Please look for the following:

  • Make sure the renewable energy is Green-e certified

  • Make sure it is a fixed rate contract – variable rate contracts can get expensive

  • Make sure there are no monthly fees and check renewal terms and cancellations fees.

Contact for questions or more information.

HoCo Climate Action And Groundswell Partnership

HoCo Climate Action had partnered with Groundswell for discounted rates from WGL for many years, however Groundswell is no longer running this program.

WGL discounted Groundswell's rates are still listed here.

Many suppliers now offer more competitive rates.

Groundswell Renewal Information

If you signed up with Groundswell previously and your WGL contract is up for renewal,
please visit this Renewal Information document.

Contact for questions or more information.